7.2 acre Strawberry in Bags Drip irrigation and sprinklers (for crop establishment purposes) on Table Tops within glasshouses totalling 7.2 acres.

System Application:

From the off, time was a crucial factor, as the system had to be considered, designed, supplied and installed within a short time frame in preparation for the new growing season.

For this application, the decision was made to go with 20mm Pre-Punched Pipe with Netafim 2L/Hr H-CNL PCJ Sets pre-inserted into the punched pipe at time of manufacturing.  This made layout and installation of the drip irrigation fast, effective and very simple.  The layout comprised 12 irrigation valves in total for drip irrigation purposes, with the pump/rig system designed to run TWO valve blocks at a time to allow for flexibility in the system, and a means of getting around quickly in an irrigation cycle.

Further to requirements, it was decided to apply Netafim Gyronet Sprinklers to the system on a grid spacing to allow a light "watering" across the bags.  This helps wet up the bags prior to planting, as well as plans to apply a light watering across the crop (before flowering/fruiting) to produce an evaporative cooling effect.  The sprinkler are laid out in such a way, as to be supported by the gutter support system, and do not impose on light as those that would have been applied in the ceiling of the house.  An additional feature is that sprinklers can be unclipped and dropped below the table structure, applying water below the table tops to aid in humidity of the environment. 


The system has just been commissioned, and started its first season.  Watch this space.