Strawberry in Troughs drip irrigation and sprinklers (for crop establishment purposes) within glasshouses totalling almost 12 acres.

System Application:

Planning of this system considered the application of 2L/Hr PCJ H-CNL sets versus Uniram.  It was decided to apply the Uniram Dripline to the system, as trough based, as it was more cost effective.

Uniram 16mm ∅, 1mm Wall Thickness H-CNL dripline was applied throughout across the top of the troughs, with 4 x 1L/Hr drippers per meter.

Gyronet Sprinklers were applied to the system to provide a means in aiding the wetting up of the substrate prior to planting, as well as helping with crop establishment.  These sprinklers were placed on a grid pattern, calculated and considered by the layout of the gutter support system in the glasshouse, off which the sprinkler heads are supported.

Further features the sprinklers are considered being used for is a light application across the crop to provide a means of evaporative cooling.  This is done when plants are not flowering or fruiting.  The sprinkler heads can also be unclipped, and the sprinkler allowed to hang under the gutter system, applying water on the floor to aid in increasing humidity within the environment.


The system is now going through its third season, and results have been extremely favourable.  The application of Uniram across the troughs is cost effective, with a reduced amount of maintenance versus that which one would expect from button dripper applications.  The sprinklers have been useful in helping wet up substrate within the troughs, aiding in crop establishment once Strawberry plants are planted, and providing a means of evaporative cooling across the plants in the system.