A feed/fertiliser and acid injection system that offers high system flows rates, whilst maintaining a precise EC and pH range.

System Application:

As production demand increases, so does the need for dosing control systems that can cover large areas without the need for numerous pumping, control and injection units.

Introducing the Netafim CMT™ Netajet Highflow PL.  This unit incorporates the latest in Netafim CMT™ technology in the form of a Hydromix mixing chamber, as well as a reliable and tested means of delivering flow ranges of 80 - 300m³/hr, whilst maintaining an accurate user defined EC and pH range measured with a single or dual control set of sensors.

The Netafim Highflow PL has the facility for 3-5 x 1000L/hr dosing injectors, allowing for accurate dosing of feed/fertiliser or acid into the high flows required by the system.  


Capable of delivering water and feed requirements, whilst maintaining pH on areas of 0.1Ha - 10Ha*, this unit is able to cater for the ever increasing demand for larger production areas, offering a simple yet precise single unit solution.  

* Subject to system layout.