The Mapal Drain Spacer Sheet is an effective means of raising bags off a surface, whether it be on flat terrain or raised beds.

An increasingly popular product with growers: this means of raising bags off a surface offers many benefits to improved production and controls within the growing regime.

Benefits inc.

  • Creates a physical barrier between pot base and soil/ground surface.
  • Creates a raised gap of approx. 3cm between bag base and soil/ground surface.
  • Raised gap allows for the benefit of Air Root Pruning. 
  • Creates a means of better drain control, as well as drawing the water away from the base of the bag.
  • Aids in better EC control by means of better drain.
  • Reduces the risk of disease transfer.
  • Improved irrigation and fertigation control.
  • Can be used in combination with Mapal Trough and Gutter systems for run off collection systems.