Looking for a solution to overhead irrigation in Tunnel or Glasshouse applications?  We have the answer.

The first thing to consider is how you wish to apply the water.

Continuous Roof application:

In glasshouses with conventional sprinklers spaced at equal intervals will see water overlap into opposing bays.  The nature of this design is called CONTINUOUS ROOF, whereby it is designed to allow growers the opportunity to water one bay then the next and so on throughout the house structure.  This type of application is suited to mono-cropping, whereby all plants are of the same variety and growth stage.

Bay Specific application (keeping water within a bay):

In a glasshouse structure, a grower may consider multi-cropping, whereby irrigation would be better suited to being applied within each bay area.  There is a solution to this with a slight change to sprinkler make-up, as well as placement thereof in a structure.  This solution is also used within tunnel applications to prevent too much water hitting the tunnel edge.

System Application:

Continuous Roof – Spinnet Sprinkler:

Bridgeless design with flow rates ranging from 70l/hr to 200l/hr. 

These are usually applied on equal lateral spacing allowing the user to water from bay to bay across bays.  The layout allows for uniformity across the entire glasshouse area bearing in mind the overlap between bays. 

Bay Specific (Glasshouse and Tunnel) – Spinnet SD Sprinkler:

Bridgeless design with flow rates ranging from 70l/hr to 200l/hr. 

The sprinkler head incorporates an additional nozzle known as the Shoulder Distributor (two nozzles in series), which slows down the water as it passes between them, producing a larger heavier droplet which is distributed out of the sprinkler.  The droplet drops quicker due to this feature.

These are usually applied on wider lateral spacings (except in single line applications), with laterals positioned very close to edges of the bays.




The difference in Spinnet unit allows for the application of sprinklers suited to the growers irrigation and crop management style.