An overhead irrigation system suited to Germination application of plants.

Water Source and System Location:

Reliant on an external source of mains water shared by other growers in close proximity. Water is drawn from this source, stored briefly and then pumped into the germination house.

System Application:

The emitter selected for said application was the Netafim Vibronet ™ 40LTR/hr sprinkler, suspended on 120cm droppers to allow the placement of the emitters at a set height above crop level. Each unit placed on a spacing of 1.75m x 1.75m works at a pressure range of 3Bar, with a wetted diameter of approx. 4m.

The Vibronet works on the principle of vibrating whilst delivering watering, which breaks up the jet of water passing through the unit, creating a water droplet smaller than that of a conventional overhead sprinkler. The vibrating action of the sprinkler creates a “self-cleaning” scenario, whereby mineral deposits are unable to build up in the nozzle.


This form of germination application utilising the Vibronet has allowed the grower to adapt and modify his watering requirements from short pulses, to full watering applications as crops demand in this stage of growth, allowing for flexibility and ease of water management.

The droplet size is of such that it does not damage the still sensitive crop at this stage of growing, and also small enough to create some humidity within the environment.

The same could be considered for the application of Herb crops, as photos will show.