In-Line Pressure Compensating Continuously Self-Cleaning Dripper


  • Vineyards
  • On-surface, attached to Trellis


  • Solid set system:  each vine has its own individual drippers always ready for operation.
  • Low application rate:  low discharge rate for each dripper enables controlled application on small volumes of water.
  • Limited wetted area:  the ground around the dripper/tree area, so no interference with any other operations in the vineyard, i.e. spraying, etc.
  • Universal Design:  suitable for any topography, field layout, soil types and water quality (see picture below), as well as row and plant spacing.
  • Flexible installation:  On-surface, attached to trellising.


  • Pressure Compensating.  Precise and equal amounts of water and nutrients delivered over a broad pressure range.  100% uniformity of water and nutrient application along the laterals.
  • Continuous self-flushing.
  • Unique dripper design:  large filter in each dripper.  Unique Turbonet™ flow path.  Wide water passage within the dripper.
  • Assembled clip for trellising applications:  Optional, dripperline delivered with clip in place, reducing labour time and costs on installation.
  • Dripper position:  Dripper is set and designed to draw from the "centre stream" of water flow within the dripline, preventing intrusion on sediment within a dripline into the dripper.
  • UV Resistant.

See the Netafim Dripwine Data Sheet