• All filtration purposes up to 1000m³/hr


  • 2" to 14" Versions
  • Rated up to 10 Bar
  • Interchangeable filters element types ranging from 3500 to 50 micron.
  • Disc of Screen element compatible

Features and Benefits

  • Amiad steel filters are available with a range of different elements to suit different filtering requirements.  Please consult us in this regard.
  • Filter bodies made of carbon steel with high quality polyester coating.
  • Steel filters need no tools for dismantling or extracting the filter element.
  • Can be upgraded to a "manual semi automatic cleaning function" by the addition of a Scanaway (most commonly used in the UK) or Brushaway unit.
  • A Clogging Indicator can be fitted across the unit, giving the user the opportunity to visually identify if the filter element needs cleaning.
  • Stainless steel housings are also available on request.

Please be sure to consult us when considering filtration requirements for your system, as flows indicated are those achieved under factory testing conditions.  Filter performance will be affected by the quality of the water source the unit is being applied to. 

Click here for the Amiad Steel Filter Data Sheet