• All filtration purposes up to 400m³/hr


  • 2" to 10" Versions
  • Rated up to 8 Bar 2"-4" M100-750/1500 series, 10 Bar 4"-10" M100-4500/6800 series  
  • Molded Weave Wire Stainless Steel 316L filter element type ranging from 500 to 80 micron.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic driven self-cleaning mechanism by means of unique Rinse Controller
  • Does not require external power source
  • Ideal for remote installations
  • Short flushing cycle of up to 15 seconds
  • Limited amount of "dumped" water during flushing cycle, up to 150 Litres
  • No excessive pressure drop during flushing cycle
  • Compatible with Electronic or Electric Amiad Flushing Controller
  • Electric Amiad Flush Controllers can be linked to Fertigation Rigs that feature a filtration flushing control programme in their software make up.

Please be sure to consult us when considering filtration requirements for your system, as flows indicated are those achieved under factory testing conditions.  Filter performance will be affected by the quality of the water source the unit is being applied to. 

See the Amiad Self-Cleaning Filters Data Sheet