Made to order customised Pump or Containerised Pump Packages


  • Salad, Top Fruit, Soft Fruit and Open Field Crop pumping applications


  • Pumps selected and sized to cater for ANY flow and pressure requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Bespoke purpose built pump packages tailored to suit any system.
  • Built offsite to specification, allowing application of a "plug and play" system.
  • Pumps mounted on Galvanised Steel Base with Fork Lift points for ease of installation/removal.
  • Suction and discharge structure designed to cater for all fittings including flow and pressure sensors.
  • Full control requirements of pump/s provided in an easy to operate panel.
  • Full pump and control system assembled, wired and tested prior to despatch to site.
  • Variable speed options available.
  • Fully fitted containerised options available, inc. ventilation, lighting and heating within the container.
  • Steel fabrication of all other associated components, i.e. filters, etc, an option.
  • A "no fuss" fully catered professional looking pumping package, giving peace of mind and less to worry about when planning and installing a system.