Mapal offer a range of Trough/Gutter systems that can be custom made to suit application requirements.  The process of scoring the Polyethylene sheets during the manufacturing process, allows the proposed end product to be made up in a number of ways determined by the score lines.  Wall heights, and base widths can be manipulated and scored to customer requirements beforehand.  These finished products arrive flat-packed, for assembly on site.  This flat-packed method allows for ease and economy of bulk shipments, as well as future storage.

The pre-scored Trough systems offered by Mapal has proved to be very popular with Herb growers around the world.  It offers an easy means of laying out a simple Trough based system for short term cropping requirements, which can later be removed and stored.  The use of a Coir based substrate is commonly used to fill the troughs, which are usually supplied in block form and wetted to expand and fit into the Trough.

Used in conjunction with an irrigation system that allows for "pulse irrigation", such as the Netafim Uniram CNL Dripline, Herb growers have managed to produce exceptionally uniform crops, affording better growing management techniques and practises, saving on water, feed, fertilisers and other costly inputs.





Associated components: 

Netafim Uniram CNL Dripline