• All filtration purposes up to 80m³/hr (dependent on water quality & filter size)


  • 2" to 4" Versions
  • Online and Angle versions available (main picture depicts online version)
  • Filtration area from 1200 cm² to 2400 cm²
  • Rated up to 8 Bar.  
  • Molded Weave Wire Stainless Steel 316L screen type.

Features and Benefits

  • New ADI-P Bluetooth controller
  • Light weight.
  • Low flushing flow rate requirement
  • Vertical or horizontal placement
  • Modular to suit any angle of inlet/outlet
  • Automatic flushing according to time and/or pressure differential.
  • Sophisticated, yet easy to operate and maintain.
  • No interruption to downstream flow during flushing process.
  • Short flushing cycle of up to 10 seconds
  • Limited amount of "dumped" water during flushing cycle, up to 28 Litres.

Click here for the Amiad Mini Sigma Data Sheet

Please be sure to consult us when considering filtration requirements for your system, as flows indicated are those achieved under factory testing conditions.  Filter performance will be affected by the quality of the water source the unit is being applied to.